I’m just two chapters into Glenn Reynolds’ Army of Davids, and enjoying it. It’s particularly interesting to be reminded of his own history. I forgot Glenn had started as a contributor to Slate’s site before breaking off on his own to start Instapundit. At that same time, the Web had helped me publish my first novel, which I will begin serializing soon in podcasts from these awesome guys–and had brought my indie feature of Richard the Second to the attention of several DV outlets, including Nels Johnson at DV Magazine, who saw the trailer I had posted on the Web and asked to see the whole mpeg movie. Back then it was just in PC mpeg format, but it was good enough to get a booking at the Den of Cin in Greenwich Village and a grudging but not dismissive review from the New York Times.

More recently, I found an agent, an editor and a first book deal. All of which is a very roundabout way of saying…Glenn’s central thesis is, from my own experience, right on the money.