Rafat Ali says iPod Video is the biggest friend of the Mobile Content Industry.

At DH, I spoke to Ralph Simon, arguably the father of mobile music and content industry, and now the head of MEF Americas. His work in the mobile music industry can be tracked to the growth and evolution of mobile content. And his perspective is very global, from UK to Scandinavian to the Asian market, and of course, now U.S.

He spoke about how the money is opening up the music industry and labels’ attitude towards mobile; the creativity in the mobile industry, and other issues. One of the interesting points he made was that suddenly, in the last six months, the studios, labels and TV networks are experimenting and innovating….most of it driven by iPod video. The success or at least the take up of video on iPod has also helped the video on mobile, by at least making the industry executives aware of the possibilities.

“The most pertinent examples of innovation are now coming from Hollywood. It is as if, in the last six months, all of the executives in Hollywood have woken up to mobile. Since November last year, since the success iPod video, when it spread the wider awareness, the gatekeepers and lawyers have become more open.”

There’s an mp3 of the interview as well.