Nick Schulz on the (yet again) fashionable alarmism about global warming:

It is curious that the alarmists are largely silent on the failures of Kyoto in Europe. Skeptics have been pointing out the economic and technological realities of mandatory emissions reductions for years now. Skeptics have also raised alternative ways of tackling problems associated with climate change and extreme climate scenarios — problems that exist whether or not we pump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

But so blinded are the alarmists that they are largely ignoring potentially beneficial initiatives. One such effort is the Asia-Pacific Partnership for Clean Development and Climate Change (AP6) which is backed by the governments of the United States, India, China, South Korea, Japan and Australia. The AP6 is designed to permit the robust economic growth that the developing world so badly needs while beginning to address concerns over pollution, energy efficiency and emissions. To get a sense of how out of touch the alarmists are on practical realities, in its nine(!) articles on global warming in its latest special issue, Time didn’t devote a single one to AP6.

Amazingly, one article Time suggests “maybe we can begin by living more like the average Chinese or Indian – before they start living like us.” According to the CIA World Factbook, the per capita GDP on India is $3,400 a year, and $6,200 a year in China. In the United States it’s $41,800. So yes, Time is indeed advocating cutting living standards by as much as ten times. If you want something to “be worried” about, as Time asserts on its cover, well there you have it.