Brian McGrory at the Globe gets kudos for helping spread the good news about Father Murphy’s exoneration. He makes a good point, too, about Mitchell Garabedian, and why he should’ve quit when he was ahead:

Garabedian has done a world of good for a lot of victims of pedophilic priests, but in Murphy’s situation he’s embarrassing himself, trying to convict a man in the news media after dropping his suit in court. It wasn’t that Garabedian couldn’t prove his case; it was that there wasn’t a case to prove.

Garabedian disgraced himself and his profession with his whining about technicalities.

Nice to see the Globe give some coverage to this case, although to be honest, I can’t help wondering if they would’ve put McGrory on this story if it hadn’t been for another intrepid local journalist, Gail Besse, who wrote a nice piece on Father Murphy for the National Catholic Register just a few days before.

I saw Father Murphy at this past Sunday’s special Mass and gathering for all his friends and supporters. He looked rejuvenated after the horrible ordeal he went through, and as I’ve said before, this entire episode does not reflect well on either our Cardinal or the Archdiocese.

Special thanks to people like Thomas Flatley and Joseph Corcoran for standing by Father Murphy with the determination that the Archdiocese should’ve been willing to offer—but did not.