New Year’s resolution for 2007.

In their own words, as Barbara Forrest makes plain in her excellent summary:

The legal defeat of ID is forcing Wedge strategists to seek new markets for their creationism and to work their conservative Christian market more thoroughly. They are peddling ID abroad: DI has added international signatories to “A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism.” Even during the trial, they held an ID conference in Prague. Domestically, Dembski has been reduced to riding the coattails of conservative pundit Ann Coulter, who devoted four chapters of her latest book, Godless, to attacking evolution. These chapters contain the standard creationist canards, but with Coulter’s recognizable stylistic stamp: “Imagine a giant raccoon passed gas and perhaps the resulting gas might have created the vast variety of life we see on Earth. And if you don’t accept the giant raccoon flatulence theory for the origin of life, you must be a fundamentalist Christian nut who believes the Earth is flat. That’s basically how the argument for evolution goes.” Coulter credits her ability to write these chapters to “the generous tutoring of Michael Behe, David Berlinski, and William Dembski, all of whom are fabulous at translating complex ideas.” Dembski acknowledges his assistance: “I’m happy to report that I was in constant correspondence with Ann regarding her chapters on Darwinism —indeed, I take all responsibility for any errors in those chapters.” He has dubbed Coulter “the Wedge for the masses.”

Here is my resolution: that IF the above antics are what conservatives approve of, encourage, and more importantly, plant into the brains of their children, THEN I am happy to declare that I no longer consider myself a conservative. Who, who has any respect for intellectual honesty, courtesy and dignity, really would?