Only in America.

Okay, so last week, I show up at Rod’s and point out, as a I often do, that Intelligent Design is bogus science and that the, er, Institute, which promotes it is, how shall we say, less than intellectually honest. From which, it is inferred by commentators there, that I must be some left-wing, atheistic Darwinist.

Today, at PZ’s (an excellent post by the way, with some questions I think theists need to think over seriously once they get past PZ’s inimitable, er, charm) I point out the obvious: that is, that many people turn to religion because science really has no answer to questions like, what is the meaning of life (beyond, nothing but what you make if it). There follows much ranting about right-wing Bush-loving nut jobs, and I am dismissed as a creationist.

Go figure.

(I despair of meaningful conversation in this country. Truly I do.)