It’s been five years since I started this blog with my father, who has since passed away. I was looking back at some of his posts from 2002.

As time does fly, I think now I will note this here, so that I can look back in another ten years and see if Mr. Ambrose was right.

The Truman lesson is that perspectives change as events unfold and the emotions of the moment dissipate — distance can make the heart grow fonder. Bush certainly has his faults. Truman certainly had his. But at Bush’s core, just as at Truman’s, there is a virtue that Newsweek correctly recognized in Truman, even if critics including Newsweek are loath to recognize it in Bush. The man has political courage. It’s a virtue that may yet be shown as having been vital to America’s interests, and that may cause future generations to look back on him with kind thoughts.