The ultimate problem with Bush. I think Derb gets it exactly right:

For future reference, here’s that I think about the man’s mind. He’s well above average in intelligence. You don’t get a degree from Yale—not even with a C average—unless you’re fairly smart. Psychologist Linda Gottfredson, working from W’s published test scores, estimated his IQ at 125, which would put him around the 95th percentile (meaning that W is smarter than 19 out of 20 Americans). Charles Murray pegged him a tad lower, but still up in the 90-somethingth percentile.

On the other hand, my rather strong impression is that while the president CAN think, he DOESN’T, much. The Iraq blunderings, the poverty of his off-the-cuff oratory, the endless repetition of tired, empty cliches long discredited, the Harriet Miers fiasco, the stupid squandering of his small remaining political capital on that major-stupid immigration bill… not much thinking there that I can see.