Why it’s fun to read a Yankees blog:

You know, getting shut-out by the Royals is bad. Losing two in a row to the f–king Orioles is asinine. I had originally stated that if the Yankees could get to 4 games back or less of the Red Sox by August 28th, I felt we had a decent chance to take the division. Now, I’m about 95% certain there’s no way in hell it’s going to happen now. I’m even close to saying the Wild Card is out of the question. There’s too many problems with this team, too many variables that aren’t being dealt with properly. Johnny Damon is leading off, for God only knows what reason; our bullpen has gone to sh!t; our starting pitching has been off-kilter for the last month; our offense is spottier than a Rorschach Test; our manager is a buffoon. These are the things that get magnified right now, and even more so when the team can’t win. If we were somehow able to keep our heads above water despite everything, I would be more optimistic or at the very least, less pessimistic about this team and where they stand. Because at least it would show they were trying. Some of these games….it just looks like they quit half-way through. Like when Jeter doesn’t bother reaching for balls that go past his left side. Or when batters pop-up the first pitch they see or K on balls that are over their heads or dusting their shoetops. It doesn’t look like effort. When the door slams shut, it’ll be loud. I hope they are prepared for that.

Chick, all I can say is, I hear you. What was it, a week ago I watched the Red Sox at home coughing up 2 out of three to the Royals and only splitting with the Blue Jays? Thankfully they pulled together against the ChiSox before starting a road trip that could’ve been a disaster.