Two proof copies of the new edition of Doctor Janeway’s Plague (see side panel) are in the mail from CreateSpace (aka CustomFlix, which handles my DVDs). One of the advantages of CreateSpace’s new set-up is that there are no up front costs for the writer (see Teresa Nielsen Hayden’s rule: “Money flows to the writer.”) There are other POD services out there, but all of the reliable ones still require set-up costs and fees. In addition, I can determine layout, font-size and page count, which allows me to set the price of the book more competitively than other PODs, which have fixed layouts. (i.e., trade paperbacks of fiction really shouldn’t be more than $12.95 if you look at the mainstream New York publishers).

I’m hoping CreateSpace’s books turn out to be as slick as their DVDs. The book will be available via Amazon.