The Coming of H.264:

H.264 is already supported in virtually every corner of the digital video universe. Now, with big internet players like Adobe, Google, and Apple behind it, H.264 is poised to become the format of convergence where all devices have access to an expanding universe of content available via physical media or high-speed networks. This will be a market-expanding transition leading to many exciting products and services in the near future.

Good article, and I have to say, having just now moved into the use of H.264-based videos for our DVD products, the quality blows the socks off of Flash video and Sorenson QuickTime (which has been old but reliable for some time now).

The file size of H.264 compression is impressive as well. One of our latest clips, at full screen 864 x 486, 29.97 frames per second, and 02:12 running time, was a mere 82MB in size–with better than DVD quality.

I’m more than whelmed.