Rod Dreher is on a roll:

Another dad, surveying with his wife the options for a Halloween costume for their young daughter, found the following choices:

Witch slut. Witch whore. Baby witch cheerleader slut. From hell. Who dresses their kids in this crap? I’m not some Puritan — if you’re an adult or my prom date and you feel like Witch Crack Whore looks good on you, fine, here’s a pipe and $5 for a blow job — but the thought of dressing up young girls in midriff-baring costumes, slinky skirts and laced-up baby heels had me spinning. It got worse as the girl costumes got older, as if every year in a girl’s life means another inch of skirt above the knee. And it had me wondering. “Would anyone ever sell a Chippendale outfit for young boys? Would a parent ever buy one?” Of course not.