I watched Nova’s Judgment Day documentary on the Dover case last night. Larry Arnhart is surely correct that the Discovery Institute and Michael Behe made a disastrous mistake in refusing to be interviewed for the production. I really think this is the end for Behe as a credible scientist.

The PBS documentary accurately conveyed the drama, which is clear in the transcripts of the case, of three turning points: the humiliation of Michael Behe through cross-examination, the evidence from the early drafts of the book OF PANDAS AND PEOPLE, and the perjury of the Dover school board members.

Behe was not able to respond effectively when confronted with a stack of articles and books on the evolution of the immune system. He claimed that there were no evolutionary explanations of the immune system. But he could not explain why this research was not worth studying. Behe should have agreed to be interviewed for this documentary to refute this conclusion.