A Stoli Doli New Year
This was only my second batch, and the first after several years, but as it was a big hit with my family this past Christmas, I’m posting my simple prep for those who might like to take a break from Belgian Ales for something different (that means y’all down South):

The prep is simple: get a liter of Stolichnaya Vodka. They have several flavored brands, so make sure you get the straight stuff, and not Stoli Raspberry or one of the other variants.

Buy about 3 to 4 quart-sized containers of fresh, sliced pineapple chunks. I went to Whole Foods, but you should be able to get these at whatever your nearest large market is. If you know your pineapples really well, feel free to buy and slice your own.

You’ll need at least one clear glass, gallon sized container with a tight seal lid. I found a perfect one at Sur la Table at Chestnut Hill Mall.

Fill this to the top with your pineapple slices. Right to the top. Then pour in as much Stolichnaya as you can to fill it up. Leave just a bit of room at the top for the lid and a little air.

Seal it and put it in your fridge and forget about it for 10 days.

After ten days, take it out, pour the contents through a strainer into a good sized mixing bowl– so you can separate the vodka from the pineapple chunks. Should look mostly clear with the slight transparent pineapple color.

You’re ready to bottle it and enjoy. Every bit as good as the Capital Grille’s signature cocktail.

I made two batches of these for Christmas, and it filled a full one-liter bottle of Stolichnaya (which my family promptly drank most of).


PS: For God’s sake, don’t feed the infused pineapple chunks to your dog!

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  1. Yum… That sounds good.

    I’ve had a list of home-made flavored vodka type drinks that I’ve been meaning to try. Need to go out and buy some jars, I guess.

    One friend got very interesting results steeping whole pepper corns in vodka (checking every 30min to avoid over-flavoring).

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