There They Go Again
Sean Carroll with a good post on a panel of physicists who love flirting with metaphysics:

A few of the panel members tried to pin down Seth Lloyd on one of his favorite catchphrases, “The universe is a computer.” I tackled this one myself at one point, at least half-seriously. If the universe is a computer, what is it computing? Its own evolution, apparently, according to the laws of physics. Tony Leggett got right to the heart of the matter, however, by asking “What kind of process would not count as a computer?” To which Lloyd merely answered, “Yeah, good question.” (But he did have a good line — “If the universe is a computer, why isn’t it running Windows?” Insert your own “blue screen of death” joke here.)

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  1. This is wretched John Haynes. Thanks for the compliment. I’m still in shock that my “libral catholic” friends are preparing the fire for me while you and other more conservative voices are holding off at least for a day or two. Will book mark you and come back. Jack

  2. Could you give me a bit af advice. My last post on vox nova ask for a response to 4 (or 2) questions. But we are apparently off on another subject. Do I post again on that site or is the owner saying let’s move on? I am sincere, but not sure what to do. Jack

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