John Ellis makes a good point in the aftermath of the Florida primary:

Speaking of Mickey Kaus. He used to have a feature known as “Mickey’s Assignment Desk.” The idea was that he would throw out subjects that required further investigation but that he was not inclined to investigate himself. And then he would assign those stories to good reporters. So here’s one for Tom Edsall and Chris Isham: Where did all of Giuliani’s money go? He raised, as I understand it, roughly $45 million. He competed in one primary. He did not spend $45 million in Florida.

Follow-up questions include: How much were his consultants paid? The ones who dreamed up the “don’t-compete-and-win” strategy? How much (in percentage terms) went to private aviation? That’s really the key question. When his contributors find out the answer to that question, how angry will they be? That’s the other question.