Michael Graham seems genuinely puzzled that so many Massachusetts voters–even conservatives–don’t like Mitt Romney.

I don’t have empirical data, but the anecdotal is overwhelming: Mitt Romney hurt Massachusetts’ feelings. He came, he won, he left to run for president. As juvenile as it may sound, quite a few Massachusetts folks act like a jilted bride when it comes to Romney.

“I don’t have empirical data.” If that doesn’t sum up the problem with the glibness of conservative journalism, I don’t know what does. Rather than actually look for empirical data, he decides on what’s easier: anecdotal evidence.

I wonder if it occurred to Graham to do a simple poll. How many conservatives out there wrote checks to Romney two years ago at fundraisers on the explicit assurance he was going to seek a second term? And then ask them if they’re pissed now.

In other words, if I may correct Graham: He came, he won, he asked for money in explicit pursuit of a second term, he changed his mind on a dime, and then he left to run for president. With his contributors’ money.

Sound like a juvenile reaction to you?