It’s nice to see Scott Carson is back, and boy has his bulls&*t detector gone into high gear:

As usual, though, the wackiest English cleric is no mere Bishop, it’s the Archwacko of Canterbury, who looks forward to the day when women will have to have their heads covered in church again–only this time it will be for a very different reason (again from NPR):

The Archbishop of Canterbury says he believes some aspects of Islamic “sharia” law will be introduced into Britain.

In a radio broadcast Thursday, Archbishop Rowan Williams said he was talking only about civil law in areas such as marriage and divorce. He said it was “unavoidable” that British law would have to accommodate Muslim practices.

The archbishop’s statement was welcomed by some Muslim groups, but the British government was quick to distance itself from Williams’ remarks.

Whew, that was close. It’s a good thing the Commonwealth has so many other, much more useless and offensive laws to pursue.

Worth reading in full.