Jason Rosenhouse on the alleged opposition between religion and science:

The apparent contradiction is between a view of things that says we are the purposeful creations of an omnipotent, omnibenevolent God, and a view that says that we are the chance result of tens of millions of years of bloody and violent evolution. Yeah, it’s real hard to imagine how anyone sees opposition between the two stories.

Indeed, especially when one has been hanging out for a while with Mike Liccione.

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  1. Rosenhouse’s blog is a joke, and as long as ScienceBlogs drags dreck like that around it will be readily (and accurately) accused of being something other than a place for science blogs.

    Far more interesting than any question Rosenhouse pretends to answer is this question: why do you read that silly blog at all? It’s a fluffy confection for that small subset of atheists that don’t have anything intelligent or worthwhile to say about faith or evolution. I say skip it, and read skeptics who take the time to think. Then at least you’ll get pissed off for a good reason.

  2. LOL. Okay, I can take a hint! More seriously, Jason was kind enough to read and review my book at his blog about a year or so ago; so I do keep an eye on his site, as well as PZ’s (whose blog in particular I consider penance for Lent: “Say three Our Fathers, Two Hail Marys and read PZ Myers every morning–especially the comments sections and refrain from responding. Go in Peace.”).

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