Pulling his punches. Surprising to see PZ Myers, who otherwise blanches at nothing, go all wishy-washy on Easter: “This is Easter, the day Christians everywhere set aside to celebrate the day they were hoaxed by a gang of Middle Eastern charlatans into believing a local mystic rose from the dead.”

What breed of Middle Eastern charlatans would that be, one wonders? The Middle East is rather a big place. This is like describing the US as a nation established by gun nuts from the island north of Normandy.

Apparently there are specificities of place and race that even “new” atheists are not quite prepared to be blunt about.

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  1. MZ and his cohorts tend to fall very hard for the “people in the past were idiots” fallacy.

    And yes, rather interesting that while lobbing one at one major religion, everyone was afraid to use the words “Jews”. Obviously in bright-land it’s acceptible to be anti-religious and rude, but not anti-semitic.

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