PZ Myers, with more on how he was suckered into appearing in Expelled.

We were not indulging in metaphysical speculation — we were actually addressing the stated purpose of our interviews, which we were told were specifically about the intersection of science and religion, not about the scientific validity of intelligent design. We would have given very different interviews if we’d been asked about ID; that’s a subject both of us can discuss at length without mentioning religion at all, as the primary objection to it is that it isn’t science, and good science refutes it. It’s a little annoying to be constantly told that we were straying from the central premise of this movie, when we were actually doing our best to address the subject of the nonexistent movie for which we were told we were being interviewed. [bold emphasis mine]

The most damaging thing about this propaganda film, is that now even among scientists, there is misunderstanding, a misunderstanding that was deliberately intended by the cynics and spinmeisters behind this production. “We sit in high places and fan discord” ought to be the motto of the ID movement. Along with “Science leads you to killing people.”

When Christians deliberately make cynical arguments in bad faith, they scandalize their religion. This film will haunt creationists I hope until the day the ID movement dwindles out of existence. Saint Augustine once said “God doesn’t need my lie.” No, but I would venture that He does suffer for it.

Speaking of Augustine, this might be a good time to flash his lament.