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  1. I see you have a book by Steven Brust, who is one of my favorite fantasy authors (or whatever you’d call his genre). To Reign in Hell was an interesting take on Milton’s war in Heaven. He’s quite a character, although he has come on some hard time recently. His blog is here:

    I will caution those who are sensitive to such things that Steve is currently cohabitating in some sort of polyamorous relationship with a couple in College Station, so if you are easily offended, beware that you might encounter some content of which you might disapprove.

  2. I didn’t know he had a blog. I’ll check it out. Teresa Nielsen Hayden recommended him to me after (in exasperation) I tried Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind. Jordan I found basically unreadable; Goodkind better but still too derivative.

    I was truly surprised at how much I enjoyed Phoenix Guards–it was so well written, however consciously modeled on Musketeer novels.

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