Now this is my kind of science: They studied the martinis’ ability to deactivate hydrogen peroxide – a substance used to bleach hair or disinfect scrapes, and a potent source of the free radicals linked to ageing and disease. While the detailed chemistry is not fully understood, martinis were much more effective than their basic… Continue reading


Dan Kennedy with some thoughts on the Bay State’s senior senator: This may or may not come to a surprise to outsiders, but in Massachusetts Kennedy is known principally for two things: his diligent attention to the constituent-intensive aspects of being a senator, especially when it comes to bringing home the bacon; and his easy… Continue reading

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John Allen sits down with Simon Blackburn, and the exchange is well worth reading: I’ve often put it slightly mischievously by saying, “Even Christians are human!” I think there are a lot of values that humanity needs to defend. I’d just have to listen to exactly what they say. Would you as a secular intellectual… Continue reading


Bill Vallicella, in fine form on the overuse of slang: Too many people use the word ‘stuff’ too often. Here is an example. I was brought up to believe that it is a piece of slang best avoided in all but the most informal of contexts. So when I hear a good scholar make mention… Continue reading