Friday Night Summer Special
This one’s for Mr. and Mrs. Darwin. Especially for a warm Friday. 1.5 oz Sauza Hornitos (agave or anejo) on the rocks. Add 7-Up or Sprite, and then fresh squeezed orange juice (absolutely no substitutes) on top.

Salt is up to you.

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  1. You know, I have never yet bought a bottle of Tequila in my life.(Unless you count the bottle of Patron coffee liquor.)

    Gotta happen one of these days, though…

  2. I recommend Sauza if it’s your intro. The Patron to my mind is a little too pricey…also I’m a little tired of the ‘flavored’ thing. First flavored vodka, now flavored tequila.

    I mean, I like Absolut Citron once in a while, but in general I’m a purist.

    Patron coffee liqeur???

  3. Surprisingly enough, it’s the best coffee liquor I’ve ever had — and the only one that’s good straight because it’s not sweet at all. (For those that drink their coffee black.)

    Actually, I think I have a one shot bottle of agave upstairs somewhere, which my sister gave me because it had a worm in it.

    Well, hmmmmm. Now you’ve got me interested to try. But I just blew $80 last week on a bottle of McCallan cask strength and a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon so I think I need to hold off a bit or MrsDarwin will start to give me “the look”.

  4. “Warm” Friday my foot. The high today was 103, tomorrow 105, and us with the A/C not at full efficiency — again.

    Obviously we need a drink!

  5. Eighty is a magic number when it comes to keeping the bar stocked. I just blew $80 on three types of Sauza Tequilas that were on sale….

    We haven’t quite gotten to 103 here, Mrs. D, so all I can say is, I feel your pain!

    All the more reason for drinks with ice!

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