The Evil of Frankenstein Scott Boras
Bill Simmons on why Manny got away:

If it did play out that way — and I would bet anything it did — would that explain Manny’s uncharacteristic anger in June and July? I say yes. I say absolutely. Again, it’s Scott Boras! The guy could convince a hemophiliac to give blood. Manny’s heel turn (to borrow a wrestling term) never could have happened without an evil “manager” prodding him and poking him.26 For the life of me, I can’t imagine how anyone could write a column, speak on television or give a radio interview within 72 hours of that trade without blaming Boras, as if the greediest sports agent of our lifetimes happened to be standing there idly while Manny’s career in Boston imploded. You can’t blame Manny just like you can’t blame Lindsay Lohan for having awful parents or any Duke basketball player for turning into a whimpering crybaby.