Staying Alive.

“We get to keep playing and that’s truly thrilling,” Terry Francona said of the draining victory.

Maybe it’s because by the 7th inning, I was flipping back and forth between the Sox down by seven runs, and ‘Return of the Living Dead’ on IFC.

Some Zombie magic must’ve sneaked into Fenway.

What a comeback. At least one more baseball game in October.

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  1. When Pap gave up the two run double in the seventh inning to make it 7-0, I went to bed.
    I missed the entire comeback.
    I should have learned by now to never give up on those guys.
    I am such an idiot.

  2. If Beckett can just get give a decent start tomorrow night and get it to a game seven, the Sox will take it. Up to now, the Rays’ youth has been a plus for them, but now is when experience really takes over.
    Go Sox!

    And this time I’m staying up until the last pitch no matter what…

  3. Agreed. I think their bats are back in the swing (so to say). If Beckett can take a cortisone shot, or heck a cocaine shot, in the arm, whatever it takes to get the movement back on his fastball, we can get to Game 7.

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