Dogs and Cats Living Together Dept.
Well, here’s something guaranteed to drive the PZ-ombies of this world up the wall:

Stephen Hawking allowing himself to be blessed by the…the…Pope???!!
What is the world coming to!

According to John Bohannon in the latest issue of Science (not online for me):

Scientists who gathered at the Vatican last
week for a closed-door conference on evolutionary
origins are giving the event mixed
reviews. Those who hoped for a clear statement
of support for evolution from the
Catholic Church went home empty-handed.
Others, expecting little, were happy with a
détente between science and faith.

Same old, same old. Cardinal Schoenborn continues to express doubts about “gaps” in the theory, and this continues to bemuse many scientists, but the Church not only didn’t invite any of the shills from the Discovery Institute (very few of whom, anyway, are scientsts) the Cardinal continues to distance himself from Intelligent Design.