I thought this Christmas I’d offer up a little bit of personal nostalgia. My favorite rendition of The Little Drummer Boy has always been the obscure rendition that was part of the Christmas Collection of music on LPs offered every year by Firestone back in the 1960s when I was a toddler. Yes, Firestone, the automobile tire manufacturer.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s never been a better version. So a Merry Christmas to all, and by all means pass this on to your friends and neighbors. I took it right from the LP. Until recently, the LPs have never been officially re-distributed on CD. But some enterprising individual has now transferred them (whether this is authorized or not, I don’t know.)

Happy New Year.

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  1. What a lovely surprise to see a Firestone Christmas album cover! We have seven of those, covers in all the colors, and they are a treasured part of our Christmas family traditions. A friend of mine transferred them for me and cleaned up most of the pops and hisses (I had him leave some, because it didn’t sound like the old hi-fi otherwise) and they have been passed around our family and enjoyed all over again.

  2. I think my parents used to have 4 of the seven. Two have disappeared. A year ago, Therese, when I googled, I could find no sign of CD versions. So I’m glad some enterprising dude out there has seen fit to make CD versions. I’d like to have the whole collection myself.

    Thanks for reading! And happy Christmas.

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