Reality Check
I want to follow up on Siris’ post about the problem with blogging, especially the danger of blogging too much about just one subject (i.e., politics, religion, one branch of science). I think his points are well taken. It goes without saying, of course, that losing a sense of perspective can include losing your sense of humor.

I realized this when one of my readers, pretty new to the blogging world, sampled the thread below about Brooks’ and the End of Philosophy. Here’s what he wrote:

I read through two threads today until my brain was full: Siris > PZ (excellent) > David Brooks aka “The Missing Link”. Also read enough of Larry Moran’s “Sandwalk” to make me want to take a crap. Evidently, if you disagree with a Moran, you’re an idiot…. [But, Stephen Gould wrote … and you’re clearly not a scientist … evolution is a fact …idiot…] (Pardon me while I flush!)

I did however enjoy some of the banter in the comments: facts vs. theory etc. – especially those posted by Bryan Goodrich. Although I can’t claim to understand all he’s saying (regarding statistics), I think he makes some good arguments and “… to avoid looking stupid in the future”, I’d much rather listen to him than Moran. Now, that’s a fact.

As for the PZ comments, I particularly enjoyed Michael X. (comment#14 ) replacing “awe, transcendence [and] joy [etc] with “bacon, bacon, and bacon.” Awesome! Now I’m hungry! Thanks a lot Michael! As much as I’m enjoying the rest of the thread turn into a hockey fight over the meaning of Star Trek episodes, all this talk of food is making me hungry. 🙂

I see what Siris meant about the risks of apologetics and blogging. But, like at any good hockey game, every now and then it feels good to lean over the boards and yell “F*%$ you!” at the opposition.

So, without further ado, as Socrates might if he were alive today, I’m going to “look” through my refrigerator, “find” a “just” steak, and “apply” it to my grill. David Brooks’ assertions not withstanding.

Yes, there is a real world out there, indepedent of the blogosphere. And that’s a happy thought for a Holy Thursday.

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  1. I love it. And from now on, whenever I hear a claim about morality/justice/etc. I’ll see how it stands up when the words are replaced with ‘steak’ or ‘bacon’.

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