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The Drowned Giant
British writer J.G. Ballard has passed away at age 78. Mostly known for his novels Crash and Empire of the Sun, both made into mediocre Hollywood films, he was to my mind a better short story writer.

His collection The Terminal Beach includes two of my favorite short stories, The Drowned Giant and The Lost Leonardo. The former was about the reaction of a seaport city to the appearance of a dead giant, washed up on the beach one morning.

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  1. gosh…I didn’t know he was dead. 🙁 i haven’t read any of his short stories but I loved ’empire in the sun’. I was young enough when I read it that it made me think about things differently for a while (young enough for it to make me cry as well).

    As soon as exams are over I’ll definately go hunting for some of the short stories.

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