Larry Moran, worth quoting in full:

Sometime tomorrow Richard Dawkins will be presenting the Richard Dawkins Award to Bill Maher at the Atheist Alliance International convention in Los Angeles.

Why is this a problem? It’s a problem because Bill Maher is a kook. He believes in all kinds of strange things about alternative medicine, cancer, and immunizations.

Orac has the documentation at Respectful Insolence: Some “inconvenient questions” for Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins tomorrow. He also has a list of question for Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins.

PZ Myers will be at the convention. His attempt to defend Maher and Dawkins isn’t working, in my opinion. Orac takes him on and exposes the hyprocrisy of the whole sorry episode. Maybe there will be fireworks at the convention tomorrow? I sure hope so. Giving the Richard Dawkins Award to Bill Maher is a travesty.

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  1. Yes, but Maher believes that every facet of human nature can be completely explained by blind natural forces acting on random genetic changes, so he's not "anti-science", regardless of how anti-science he actually is.

    Very few people who either believe or deny Darwinian evolution do so because they are scientifically informed, and came to their conclusion by rational consideration of the evidence. For most of the population, it simply serves as a marker that you're part of the "enlightened" crowd.

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