Oral Roberts sure gets a rise out of people.

Ben Witherington:

Oral Roberts was that most unusual of all kinds of Methodists–a Pentecostal one. He had a big heart, a large evangelistic career, and a big vision, even a vision of creating a huge medical center to go with the university he was founding.But of all the things we know about Oral Roberts he will undoubtedly be best remembered for all the faith healing services, and all the persons who benefited from his ministry.

Jerry Coyne:

My whole life I watched the old sinner bilk his sheep for millions to finance his own deification and the construction of his empire.   Roberts once saw a 900-foot-tall Jesus who assured him that his City of Faith hospital would be built, if only Roberts would squeeze his acolytes for more bucks.  The hospital was built, and went bankrupt. It’s now an office complex.