Ever get stuck in the bookstore info counter behind someone like this?

Customer: I need to get that book about cookies. It’s something about cookies.

Clerk: Cookies. Okay. (types into the computer) umm… there are quite a few books about cookies here.

Customer: Well it was on TV the other day. My wife saw it on TV.

Clerk: Um. Okay. There are really a lot of books about cookies. Can you tell me anything else about it?

Customer: It’s something about making money and cookies. I don’t know. She was going on about it at dinner but I wasn’t really listening to her.

At this point, I realize which book they are looking for and turn to the clerk.

Me: I think the book you want is called The Smart Cookie’s Guide to Investing


Clerk:  Thank you.

Me:  Your wife is a lucky woman.

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