4 thoughts on “Question for iPad Competitors: Now what?

  1. What iPad competition?

    Tablet PCs have been around for ages. They've remained niche for about as long (despite dropping prices, etc) because the number of apps with both broad-appeal, a decent price point, and that specifically play to a tablet's strengths are nearly non-existent.

    Meanwhile, the iPad launches with practically every iPhone app compatible with it. And analysts are still nattering on with ideas like "Well, maybe if we have a longer battery life.."

  2. Just to quickly add, I think Jobs' recent "Freedom from Porn" talk is admirable. I can never tell how sincere he (or any businessman) is, and I take his words with a grain of salt. But perhaps people who still believe in such a thing as 'objectionable content' (most Catholics, I assume?) will be keeping an eye on Jobs' model.

  3. Yeah, I think he definitely doesn't want to lose Apple's family-friendly image. (I had no idea, for example, that Droid has an entire store for porn??? Cripes!)

  4. What impressed me with Job's talk was that it actually sounded like personal conviction to a degree. Again, I can never be sure of the sincerity (I'm aware that everything a businessman says is typically viewed as PR, for good reason), but something about that impressed me.

    Guess we'll see. Also, porn on the Droid? Cripes indeed. That stuff is omnipresent.

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