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Not Exactly What I Had in Mind

There was no afternoon session today, so I took an hour after lunch to visit Heffer’s on Trinity Street near King’s College. I went in thinking I’d quite like to buy Christopher Lee’s revised autobiography. But they didn’t have it.

So, I wandled downstairs to the philosophy section. Ed Feser will be happy to know they had his Aquinas right there on the Medieval Philosophy shelf. (I don’t think you can find a shelf dedicated to medieval philosophy at any book store in Boston.)

They also had the Cambridge Companion to Aquinas, On God and Evil by one of my heroes, Herbert McCabe. Brian Davies’ Aquinas, and a new offering, Gyula Klima’s new book John Buridan. (Mike Flynn, are you jealous?)

Not a bad haul. Although I may have to throw out some clothing in order to fit them into my bags for the trip home.

7 thoughts on “Not Exactly What I Had in Mind

  1. Klima has a webpage here with a number of goodies (and a picture of himself). He's easily one of my favorite living scholars of medieval philosophy, doing work on high and late medieval logic, and the later chapters on skepticism and anti-skepticism in the John Buridan book (if I'm not confusing it with another work of his) make for fascinating reading.

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