One thought on “Oblivious

  1. Well, the argument seems to be that on the one hand we have these atheists who are sure (or who seem/come across as very sure) that there is no God, on the other we have these guys who really aren't sure whether there is a God, and the question is what they should call themselves.

    I'd add a third category that probably includes a certain number of the first two: People who are inclined towards a belief in something, but who haven't worked the details out.

    An example I like to use here is Denmark. Look at the Eurobarometer Poll from 2005 and get these results:

    31% believe in God.
    49% believe in 'some kind of spirit or life force'.
    19% 'do not believe in any sort of god, spirit, or life force'.

    Yet Denmark is often treated as some kind of majority atheist country. Why? Apparently because 'atheist' has been jumbled to mean primarily mean 'Rejects Christianity and Islam and Judaism', and everything else is murky.

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