Tomorrow is Opening Day for the Red Sox at Fenway…and here’s a thought to go with the new season: it may not happen this year. It may not happen next year, but soon the Red Sox are going to win it–and hopefully while Fenway still stands. The importance of the new owners can’t be overstated. And some day soon, poor Bill Buckner will escape the hideous (and unfair) association that has dogged him about the ’86 World Series. The only reason that curse persists is because of the general bad luck the Sox have had since the Yawkeys faded away and the Harrington era dawned. That era is over now…once a world series puts the curse to rest, people won’t remember the ball going through Buckner’s legs. But they will remember Dan Duquette kissing off Roger Clemens in 1996 because he was supposedly in the Twilight of his Career.