As Dan Shaughnessy and Peter Gammons point out in today’s Globe, pehaps the best thing about this year at Fenway is that the new owners have already effected so many positive changes behind the scenes. Gone is the institutionalized arrogance that was part of the John Harrington (Bud Selig’s bag man) and Dan “Baby Doc” Duquette era. Already the club house has been renovated for the players; the wives’ club room is under renovation; the wall between the media suite and the executive suite has been taken down, and many other small but noticeable aspects of the park have been spruced up. These things may seem small but, come what may for the team in terms of contending, they are real reasons to quietly rejoice. Messrs. Henry, Werner and Lucchino have already made it clear that they tend to listen to the fans and not treat them as though they should feel lucky even to attend a ball game.