In conjunction with a new book on digital video that I am writing for Charles River Media, I am rebuilding the web site here to archive digital samples of video dating back to the days when cameras and video decks were first available to the public. And I mean—way before VHS. If you’re interested in viewing these, click on the Video Archive link to the lower left of this page. All clips are in QuickTime, and you can download the free viewer from the archive page. Depending on how much interest the site generates, Real streaming clips may also become available. Another development is the serialization of my first novel, Doctor Janeway’s Plague, in Acrobat format (downloadable from the Fiction link). News: Scenes from the book will be shot and posted in QuickTime to this site for those book buffs who have an enduring interest in how fiction is adapted to the screen. As far as I know, nothing like this has ever been done, certainly not with any mainstream published fiction. Check back for new installments, or sign the Guest Book if you want to be alerted to when scenes will be viewable.

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