The Boston Herald’s Howie Carr, without a doubt the best and, by the way, the most feared political columnist in New England, continues to demonstrate why he merits that distinction with every column he writes. The column he penned this past Wednesday is a perfect example as Carr packed it with much inside news and analysis of same which only he, among the flock of reporters who cover the State House, seems capable of or willing to reveal.

As he frequently does, Carr castigated UMass Boston President William Bulger, resurrecting the famous State Street project involving Harold Brown and Bulger’s law partner. Two other targets of Carr’s pen in recent weeks have been Boston Mayor Thomas “Mumbles” Menino and Mass. House Speaker Thomas “Tommy Taxes” Finneran.

In addition to having many, many sources who can’t wait to call him with disparaging information about the Beacon Hill and City Hall political powers, Carr is very clever and an excellent writer. It’s obvious from reading his columns regularly that he has his own filing system that transcends the Herald’s morgue.