For those anti-war types who keep insisting on proof that there is a connection between Saddam and Al-Qaeda, I offer William Safire’s latest:

On Sept. 24, 2001, I reported: “The clear link between the terrorist in hiding [Osama] and the terrorist in power [Saddam] can be found in Kurdistan, that northern portion of Iraq protected by U.S. and British aircraft. . . . Kurdish sources tell me (and anyone else who will listen) that the Iraqi dictator has armed and financed a fifth column of Al Qaeda mullahs and terrorists. . . .”

Read the rest of it. I must confess I’ve never been persuaded by the arguments that we need to prove some direct connection between the Iraqi ‘leader’ and the cowardly Wahabis. It’s enough that they murder innocents by the thousands and pose a threat to the West. Nevertheless, I hope the above will help those still sitting on the fence.

Andrew Sullivan, by the way, also has some excellent words for the anti-war types who seem more motivated by personal hatred of Bush.