Where were you during the Blizzard?

Boston Phoenix Senior Writer Dan Kennedy tells me:

“I was a student at Northeastern at the time, the managing editor of the Northeastern News. We had two sports reporters at the Beanpot that night, and we were pulling our usual all-nighter to get the paper out. I remember that they walked into the newsroom somewhere between 2 and 4 a.m., looking like they were near death. The editor-in-chief and I were quite determined to get the paper out, but we finally had to give up when the Phoenix (which had the contract to do our typesetting and printing) told us they had no way to get the pages out to their printer, which was somewhere in the Worcester area.

The amazing thing was that I never picked up a shovel. Such is the bubble of college life. But I do remember standing in a long line, outdoors, to get into the Store 24 at the corner of Huntington and Gainsborough, with it

getting toward dark, no traffic on the streets, and with an Army helicopter overhead. It made me think of some scene out of East Berlin.”

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