HubBlog’s Jay Fitzgerald tells me where he was 25 years ago during the Blizzard of ’78:

“I was a freshman at Tufts University during the big storm. Students were like excited little kids because classes were canceled. Unlike little kids, though, we didn’t build snowmen or make snow angels—and there were no parents to tell us to come in for grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Instead, I recall, fondly, students having outdoor parties, with attempted bonfires and barbecues, and marveling at the intense beauty of it all. We’d go for long walks in the middle of the streets in Somerville and Medford, dodging the cross-country ski types, waving at people and them waving back. Some of the intricate snow sculptures people made still amaze me all these years later. I know the storm was hard on many people, but, for me, it was like a Winter Wonderland. … Postscript: The storm was the first time I truly became aware of Michael Dukakis. Say what you will about the Duke, his calm televised updates and alerts, while wearing his snug sweater, still sticks out as one of his greater moments as governor. ”

Video here taken by yours truly during the storm.