Andrew Sullivan has just about had it with the Catholic Church:

“I feel my own conscience getting closer and closer to making the same decision. It tears me apart to see no prospect of the Catholic Church ending its war on gay people and their dignity in my lifetime. In fact, I think it’s getting worse; and the next Pope from the developing world could make the current one seem humane. Leaving the sacraments would be a huge blow to the soul; but the pope just called the love I have for my boyfriend “evil.” That’s a word he couldn’t bring himself to use about Saddam Hussein. How can I recognize what I know to be true with what the Pope has just said? I cannot. It doesn’t leave many options but departure.”

To be honest, many Catholics, liberal and conservative, have wondered why Sullivan has bothered to stay so long. For all his cultural and political conservatism, his hope that Roman Catholicism would someday approve homosexual love was a delusion born of wishful thinking. And of ignorance of Christian history and doctrine.

But I can’t help wondering just how satisfied and content he’s going to feel sitting in another church. Look for him to be blogging about this in a year’s time, I’d say….