According to Peter Jackson:

“Piracy has the very real potential of tipping movies into becoming an unprofitable industry, especially big-event films. If that happens, they will stop being made,” said Mr. Jackson in an e-mail message from New Zealand, where he is putting the final touches on his version of “King Kong.” “No studio is going to finance a film if the point is reached where their possible profit margin goes straight into criminals’ pockets.”

I wonder if that would be the case if he was able to produce King Kong for $15 million instead of $150 million. In other words, maybe this high-tech, savvy digital piracy plague is really a wake-up call to Hollywood (along with its recent woes at the box office) that it is wasting too much money on super stars, ego projects, and remakes that provoke yawns even before they’ve opened at the box office.

Just a thought.