From an Open Letter to Home:

Prior to 9-11, The United States had tolerated terrorists’ attacks and threats far too many times. We launched a token missile here or we talked tough there. It took a terrorist’s attack on our own soil before we became decisively engaged. And it was about time. I remember the outrage and the resolve of a nation to fight for our country right after 9-11. If we stop now, we will most assuredly open ourselves to future attacks at home and abroad.

I am not so naïve to think that we will ever eradicate terrorism. However, we can, and we will win this fight, but we have to remain proactive. Proactive means hunting down terrorists, those who support terrorists, and those who tolerate terrorists and killing them. Fighting in Iraq means fighting an Insurgency, but it means fighting terrorists as well. Believe me, there are plenty in Iraq who meet the criteria noted above. If we back away from Iraq, the terrorist will have won.

When I remember the scenes we all saw on September 11th, 2001, I am reminded that I am still one pissed off American and Texan. This war is just, and I stand steadfast behind it and our President. And I will remain in the Army fighting this war until our President tells me to stop, or I get too old to continue. We need our nation’s support and prayers, not criticism, second guessing, and Monday morning quarterbacking.