In an otherwise engaging profile of British thespian and former director of the (new) Globe Theatre Mark Rylance, we learn yet again how unexposed to critical thinking a number of modern artists are.

In 1989, Rylance played Hamlet and Romeo four times a week each, in R.S.C. productions in Stratford-on-Avon. While acting there, he began to think about the authorship question. He thinks now that Shakespeare was likely a front for a small band of writers, perhaps headed by Francis Bacon, which included, among others, Lady Mary Sidney.

I know many theatre professionals are not that computer savvy, but you would’ve thought someone Rylance’s age would’ve at least been curious as to whether anyone ever did an analysis of Shakespeare’s writing compared to the usual suspects supposed to have written in his stead.

But no, I guess not. Cue The Place 2 Be