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Walter Russell Mead with a good post on the challenge of real health care reform: Either we will ration health care much more aggressively than we do now, or we will find much more efficient ways to provide health care.  I vote for the latter, and I think most Americans agree. This means that change,… Continue reading


Stephen Barr today: It is time to take stock: What has the intelligent design movement achieved? As science, nothing. The goal of science is to increase our understanding of the natural world, and there is not a single phenomenon that we understand better today or are likely to understand better in the future through the… Continue reading


I absolutely have to attend this panel at Boskone this weekend. Saturday 10am Harbor 3: The Suck Fairy, and Other Horrors of Rereading The Suck Fairy takes old books you used to like and magically makes them, well, suck. Writer Jo Walton heard tell of this creature at last year’s Montreal Worldcon; other participants deduced… Continue reading

evolution · intelligent design

Steve Matheson pretty much nails the problem with Stephen Meyer (and the rest of the Discovery Institute fellows.) Now, if you’re not a biologist, you might think the error is trivial, purely semantic, a typing glitch induced by the proximity of the word ‘virulent.’ And that last part is probably right. But this biologist finds… Continue reading


The Author’s Guild on the Google Settlement: But here’s the thing: copyright victories tend to be Pyrrhic in the digital age. Our settlement negotiations went on with full knowledge of what happened to the music industry. The RIAA (the Recording Industry Association of America) won victory after victory, defeating Napster and Grokster with ground-breaking legal… Continue reading